Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meet My Gang

Welcome to my blog. Since my main discussions about dogs will be about my gang I thought I'd take a second to introduce you to my girls. (In order of when they joined our family.)
Bailey (far left)
We joke that Bailey is a hienna mix because we are always asked and she is probably a good mix of lots of breeds. She was rescued by Spalding Humane Society as a pup. We've had her 9 years now. Bailey is co-owned by me and best friend John. Officially his, but listens to me:) She recently had ACL surgery and is learning to use her leg again.
Kenzie (3rd from left)
Kenzie is a purebred dalmatian. She was rescued on her "death-day" from Athens Animal Control. A week later I decided to keep her. She's my baby. She is also the most titled of my dogs. Agility, obedience...all no problem. Loves to play fetch with tennis ball. She is 7 years old.
Heidi (far right)
Heidi will be two in September (we guess). She was rescued along with 300 other dogs from the Jackson puppy mill in 08. I never thought I'd own a small dog or chihuahua, but she stole my heart. It is so different having a small dog!
Jersey (2nd from left)
I've always wanted a standard poodle but would never buy from a breeder. We had a rare opportunity to place 9 standards. I kept Jersey. She's the new up and coming smarty pants, full of puppy antics. She is 6-months old.
In this picture they were practicing stay on the driveway. Training, yes, but really a fun game. They love the release and run to mommy for love!

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